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2023.11.01 - 2024.05.31 David Hockney: Bigger & Closer 
(not smaller & further away)
With a
three-dimensional space
enhanced by diverse
lighting, and moving images, the
exhibition offers a new
With a
dimensional space enhanced
diverse music,
lighting, and moving
images, the exhibition offers
a new
David Hockney David Hockney at Lightroom, photo by Justin Sutcliffe
“The world is very very beautiful if you look at it, but most people don’t look very much. They scan the ground in front of them so they can walk, they don’t really look at things incredibly well, with an intensity. I do.” David Hockney, a British artist and an icon of modern and contemporary art, was born in Bradford, England, in 1937. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, he began to gain recognition in the 1960s, primarily through numerous portraits, still life paintings, and depictions of swimming pools. Hockney not only worked in painting but also explored various genres such as photography, printmaking, illustration, and stage design. His artistic approach was not limited to a single medium, and he constantly embraced new technologies and digital media to embrace a wide range of the artistic practice.
Lightroom Seoul is an immersive exhibition space newly opened by Etnah Company in the autumn of 2023 in Godeok-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul. With dimensions of 18.5m in width, 26m in length, and 12m in height, the large space is equipped with advanced facilities to showcase the unique immersive art experience of Lightroom. The overwhelming scale of the exhibition hall, combined with high-tech projectors and cutting-edge sound system, will welcome the visitors to a new and astonishing experience.
David Hockney Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away) Photo by Justin Sutcliffe 
Opening Hours
Mon to Sun
10:00 - 18:00 (Last admission at 17:00)
103 Arisu-ro 61-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
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Immersive Large-Scale Overwhelming Innovative
The immersive exhibition space of LIGHTROOM SEOUL incorporates cutting-edge technology and offers a unique experience. In a large space of 18.5m in width, 26m in height, and 12m in height, visitors can experience an exhibition filled with light and vibrant sound that stimulates all five senses. At LIGHTROOM SEOUL, visitors can enjoy an immersive exhibition of an overwhelming scale that combines art and technology. The innovative artist collaborated exhibitions at LIGHTROOM SEOUL provides the ultimate platform that elevates the standards of traditional immersive exhibitions.
Your Visit
Art Shop
Lightroom Shop As you stroll through the garden,
you'll come across Lightroom Shop
FnB Knotted, offering a premium taste, is a dessert cafe
where you can enjoy a variety of pastries, cakes, and donuts
The space offers a variety of attractions, including an immersive exhibition, art shop, cafe, and restaurant, as well as a greenhouse and garden, providing both entertainment and relaxation. Located just 15 minutes away from Gangnam, Lightroom Seoul is an urban oasis that shares a beautiful view surrounded by the Han River and Godeok Mountain.
Lightroom shop
Lightroom Shop is a place where you can enhance your exhibition experience by exploring art products, exhibition program books, and books about the artist.
Knotted, offering a premium taste, is a dessert cafe where you can enjoy a variety of pastries, cakes, and donuts at reasonable prices.
Is re-entry possible?
Re-entry is not permitted.
When can I enter the exhibition after purchasing a ticket?
You can enter 30 minutes before the session you selected during ticket reservation. To ensure a safe and smooth entry, please adhere to the reservation time
Is entry only possible within the reservation time? 
Entry is possible up to 30 minutes after the beginning of your reserved session
Can tickets be purchased on-site if online tickets are sold out? 
You can purchase tickets on-site but the on-site tickets can also be sold out. Please be mindful that desired session might not be available.
What is the running time of the exhibition?
The running time of the exhibition is approximately 50 minutes.