Lightroom Seoul
Lightroom Seoul is an immersive exhibition space newly opened by Etnah Company in the autumn of 2023 in Godeok-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul. With dimensions of 18.5m in width, 26m in length, and 12m in height, the large space is equipped with advanced facilities to showcase the unique immersive art experience of Lightroom. The overwhelming scale of the exhibition hall, combined with high-tech projectors and cutting-edge sound system, will welcome the visitors to a new and astonishing experience.
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Immersive Large-Scale Overwhelming Innovative
The immersive exhibition space of LIGHTROOM SEOUL incorporates cutting-edge technology and offers a unique experience. In a large space of 18.5m in width, 26m in height, and 12m in height, visitors can experience an exhibition filled with light and vibrant sound that stimulates all five senses. At LIGHTROOM SEOUL, visitors can enjoy an immersive exhibition of an overwhelming scale that combines art and technology. The innovative artist collaborated exhibitions at LIGHTROOM SEOUL provides the ultimate platform that elevates the standards of traditional immersive exhibitions.
Complex Cultural Space, Lightroom Seoul Located just 15 minutes away from Gangnam, Lightroom Seoul is an urban oasis that shares a beautiful view surrounded by the Han River and Godeok Mountain. Built on a 66,000m² site, the space offers a variety of attractions, including an immersive exhibition, art shop, cafe, and restaurant, as well as a greenhouse and garden, providing both entertainment and relaxation.
Lightroom London
Lightroom London, a new cultural and artistic landmark, opened its doors in Kings Cross, London in February 2023. Established as a collaborative effort between the design studio 59 Productions and London Theatre Company, it has positioned itself as a space that combines digital technology with artistic excellence. Equipped with high-tech sound facilities and projection mapping systems, visitors can enjoy a mesmerizing immersive exhibition.
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Lightroom exterior entrance - photo by Philip Vile, Haworth Tompkins